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Offshore Oil and Gas Industry Insights


Offshore Oil and Gas

Offshore drilling is a process consisting of services related to drilling wells dependent on the type of rig required. The market for offshore drilling industry is estimated to grow at a slow pace on the face of sharp decline in crude oil prices; however, rising investments in the sector due to expected rise in the crude oil prices would be a driving factor for the offshore oil and gas market.

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Global Industry Insight: Subsea Production and Processing Systems Market Development and Demand Forecast to 2020

  • P&S Market Research Subsea Production and Processing Systems Market report
  • The subsea production and processing systems market is growing due to high-investment and in producing regions such as Africa, Latin America and Middle East. Offshore operations on a large scale in regions such as Golden Triangle and Arctic consisting of offshore Brazil, Gulf of Mexico and offshore West Africa are acting as the opportunities for the subsea production  ...Continue Reading

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