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About Us

Market Research and analytics is the basis of goal establishment for any business, whether it’s at the commencement phase, or already in existence. The quality, accuracy, and effectiveness of data drives any business through the most challenging part, which is business planning, considering the market insights and trends, along with relevant targeting. Being a global market research company, P&S Market Research is all about deriving the exact market landscape and forecasting the future potential aspects of the market, pertaining to any industry or vertical.

Our Approach

As a global market research and consulting agency, P&S Market Research provides market research reports, industry reports, business intelligence, and research based consulting services across various industries. The coherent market research approach of our research analysts include:

  • Detailed market outlook
  • Current market trends
  • Key growth drivers
  • Challenges of the key industry players
  • Untapped opportunities
  • Historical market size
  • Market size forecasting
  • Porter’s five forces of competitive position analysis
  • Merger and acquisition activity
  • Competitive positioning of key competitors
  • Market share analysis
  • Profiles of the major competitors of the industry
  • Strategic developments in the industry

Therefore, if you’re looking for proficiency and precision, for reaping proper end-results through your market research spends, then getting along with us will not only help you in accomplishing your business goals, but also our business analysts could assist you with a strategy.

Benefits of Our Services

Below-mentioned are the benefits of availing our services:

  • Gaining an overview of the current and forecasted market situation
  • Identifying various new windows of opportunity
  • Developing strategies for market entry and expansion, by identifying the segments that ensure growth
  • Framing informed and customized strategies for each region
  • Creating competitive counter strategies
  • Evolving effective strategies for marketing, as well as production

Thus, if you’re considering a market research agency, which could help you with a local/global marketing strategy, considering the detailed industry insights, then feel free to give us an opportunity for addressing your business requirements.

Corporate Advisor - Robert Goldberg
Corporate Advisor - Robert Goldberg
"For the past 25 years Rob has helped start-ups to Fortune 500 companies establish a sustainable foundation for growth through the introduction of new products and services. His specialty is working with companies on their early stage ideas helping to transition opportunities through the development, incubation, and market launch stages. He provides clients with insight into product design requirements, opportunity validation, launch planning, and product management. Rob is an adjunct professor at Baruch College, Continuing & Professional Studies."

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