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Syndicated research is the most cost-effective market research approach, which gives a landscape of the competitive positioning...


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Businesses today need to address to the changes transpiring in the market with innovation and proficiency. Staying abreast...


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P&S Intelligence delivers customized research services to address the specific and precise needs of the clients. Endowed with...

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Isobutanol Market

Isobutanol is expected to perceive significant demand as an alternative to conventional fuel. The high demand of the produ...

Specialty Oilfield Chemicals Market

The global demand to the specialty oilfield chemicals market development is driven by the rising interest for such chemica...

Lithium Air Battery Market

With the onset of renewable energy projects and rising sales of electric vehicles, the demand for highly efficient batteri...

Flexible Substrate Market

Worldwide, there has been tremendous growth in the electronics industry which is characterized by introduction of innovati...

Grid Scale Battery Market

World over, the focus on adoption of cleaner energy has resulted in increased development of renewable power projects. How...

Lactic Acid Market

The growing per capita income and rising standard of living has resulted in increased demand for cosmetic and pharmaceutic...

Dimethyl Ether (DME) Market

Over the recent years, there has been a considerable growth in the automotive industry owing to rising sales automobiles i...

Plastic Straps Market

Plastic straps are basically the bundling materials which is applied over a specific item in order to combine, reinforce, ...

Renewable Chemicals Market

World over, there has been a rising trend on the consumption of environment friendly chemicals which can be produced throu...

Press Journals

India Electric Scooters and Motorcycles Market to Reach $715.9 million by 2025

July 2018

Electric scooters and motorcycles use electric battery for propulsion and do not produce any emissions. Moreover, these electric tw... Continue Reading

Adhesive Tapes Market to Reach $74,954.6 Million by 2023

July 2018

Global adhesive tapes market is projected to reach $74,954.6 million by 2023, the adhesive tapes market in the region is ma... Continue Reading

Frequency Synthesizer Market to Reach $1,236.9 Million by 2023

July 2018

Global frequency synthesizer market is expected to reach $1,236.9 million by 2023, the growth in the market can be attributed to... Continue Reading

Automotive Window and Sealing Systems Market to Reach $38.7 Billion by 2025

July 2018

Global automotive window and sealing systems market is projected to reach $38.7 billion by 2025, the market is primarily dr... Continue Reading

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems Market to Reach $24.1 Billion by 2023

July 2018

Global VRF systems market is expected to reach $24,096.0 million by 2023, the growth in the market can be attributed to the in... Continue Reading

North America Patient Engagement Solutions Market to Reach $9.4 Billion by 2023

July 2018

The North America patient engagement solutions market is forecasted to attain a size of $9.4 billion by 2023, the market is... Continue Reading

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Chemicals and Materials

This industry consists of Packaging, Bulk Chemicals, Specialty Chemicals, Plastics & Polymers, Renewable Chemicals etc.

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ICT and Media

This industry consists of telecom & wireless, Automation, IT Security, Media & Entertainment etc.

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Life Sciences

This industry includes Healthcare, Healthcare IT, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology etc.

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Semiconductor and Electronics

This division includes Electronic Systems & Devices, Sensors & Controls, Display Technologies etc.

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Automotive and Transportation

This industry includes Vehicles & Components, Automotive Electronics, New Energy Vehicles & Components etc.

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Power & Energy

This division provides services in Conventional Energy, Unconventional & Renewable Energy, Drilling Services, Offshore Oil & Gas etc.

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Consumer Products

This industry comprises of Processed Food & Beverages, Ingredients & Extracts, Food Supplements etc.

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