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Surgical, Face, and Respiratory Mask Market

From $2,141.3 million in 2019, the global surgical, face, and respiratory mask market is projected to grow to $15,696.2 mi...

Healthcare Cloud Computing Market

The global healthcare cloud computing market is expected to witness notable growth during the forecast period (2020–...

Compensation Software Market

Shift toward data-driven decision making, increasing need for efficient compensation policies and talent retention models,...

Smart Learning Market

The global smart learning market is expected to witness rapid growth during the forecast period (2020–2030). Surging...

Organ Preservation Market

Organ preservation is the process under which the organ is preserved under controlled environmental conditions and later c...

Medical Devices Cleaning Market

Medical devices need to be cleaned, disinfected, and sterilized at regular time intervals to minimize hospital-acquired in...

Automated Breach and Attack Simulation Market

The global automated breach and attack simulation market is expected to grow at a substantial rate during the forecast per...

Human Enhancement Market

Valuing $64.8 billion in 2019, the global human enhancement market is expected to display a CAGR of 14.7% during the forec...

GIS in Telecom Market

From $1.3 billion in 2019, the global geographic information system (GIS) in telecom market is expected to reach $4.6 bill...

Press Journals

Surgical, Face, and Respiratory Mask Market to Reach $15,696.2 Million by 2030

April 2020

The air pollution level is quite high, as is the prevalence of airborne infections across the world. Additionally, the number of surgeries is increasing and so is the geriatric population. Driven by these factors, the global surgical, face, and respiratory mask market is expected to grow to $15,696.2 million by 2030, from $2,141.3 million in 2019, at a 5.7 CAGR during 2020–2030 (forecast period).

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Human Enhancement Market to Generate $271.6 Billion in 2030

April 2020

Around the world, the number of people suffering from neurological disorders is increasing. Additionally, rehabilitation centers are rapidly using exoskeletons to help physically disabled people live a better life.

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Digital Twin Market to be Worth $73,245.4 Million by 2030

April 2020

Around the world, businesses are increasingly focusing on intelligent maintenance, with the manufacturing processes becoming more complex. Additionally, internet of things (IoT) is being integrated in the industrial sector, for gathering essential data regarding the performance of various equipment and devices.

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Geographic Information System (GIS) in Telecom Market to be Worth $4.6 Billion by 2030

April 2020

Around the world, the adoption of geographic information system (GIS) solutions is increasing for mobile and broadband services, while the demand for network installation is also surging.

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Aspiration and Biopsy Needles Market to Value $1,717.9 Million in 2030

April 2020

Across the world, the prevalence of cancer is increasing and people are becoming more aware about the various diagnostic and treatment techniques available. Additionally, minimally invasive surgeries are becoming rapidly popular among people, spending on healthcare is surging, and the devices used for diagnosis are undergoing technological advancements.

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