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Transmission and Distribution

Power transmission and distribution activities revolve around the management of electricity from power grid to end users. Power transmission is the movement of generated electricity from a power station to an electrical substation. Power distribution includes the distribution of energy resources through high voltage cabling, distribution substations, high voltage electrical switching and distribution network. Growing demand for power and government support worldwide is providing growth avenues for the power transmission and distribution industry. Such trends are spurring substantial investments in new power plants and advancements in the transmission and distribution grids.

P&S Market Research offers strategic insights and cutting edge solutions to assist businesses in taking decisive actions in the areas including grid development, management and control.

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High Voltage Cables Market Size, Share, Development, Growth and Demand Forecast to 2023

  • P&S Market Research High Voltage Cables Market report
  • The global high-voltage cables market has witnessed significant growth during 2012 - 2015, due to growth in renewable energy infrastructures, projects for grid interconnections and installation of efficient transmission systems. Industries are continuously investing in the development and enhancement of the infrastructure to meet power transmission requirements. Additionally, high voltage cables are being used for underground and underwater applications ...Continue Reading


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