SD-WAN Market

Global SD-WAN Market Size, Share, Development, Growth and Demand Forecast to 2022 - Industry Insights by Appliance (Physical and Virtual), by Implementation Type (Outsourced and In-house), by Industry (IT & Telecom, BFSI, Healthcare, Government, and Others), by Type (Product and Service)

Published: March 2017
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Market Overview

Software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) or software defined WAN, is an application of software defined networking (SDN) technology, which is applied to traditional WAN connections. The application enables reliable, secure and performance specific enterprise network connection, including data centers and branch offices, which are separated over large geographic locations. The global SD-WAN market has gained traction in recent years due to low cost incurred by it compared with traditional WAN management.

Legacy WAN solutions are not sufficient to protect network from increasing threats and overall control. Enterprise IT is continuously updating its network infrastructure to reduce the chances of malicious activities such as unauthorized access to business-critical data, and ensure business continuity. Apart, IT administrators also require real-time network visibility to track network activity from end to end.

SD-WAN solutions help in monitoring and measurement of network traffic, providing deep visibility to IT department into WAN and allowing them to quickly pinpoint a security attack. It enables enterprises to create certain priority policies in order to inform the network about how certain types of traffic should be treated.

SD-WAN solutions shift traffic management and monitoring from physical devices to applications, providing greater agility and flexibility at reduced cost. In addition, it eliminates the need for manually configuring traditional routers in branch locations and enables network administrators to remotely program the edge appliance through a central controller.

The global SD-WAN market is gaining interest due to increasing adoption of cloud-based technologies, demand for higher bandwidth by service providers, cost-effective WAN management solutions, and greater flexibility and visibility in network management. SD-WAN products and services vary from vendor to vendor, many of which offers hybrid WAN dynamic traffic routing over both private and public links, such as long term evolution (LTE), multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) and broadband.



SD-WAN Market

Market Dynamics

The global SD-WAN market is expected to witness a CAGR of 59.2% during the forecast period, to reach $9,378.6 million by 2022. A significant growth rate is expected, due to increasing demand for higher bandwidth and rising cost of WAN management in medium and large enterprises, globally. In addition, zero-touch, seamless integration, reliability, end-to-end security and visibility, performance management, and efficient traffic control features of SD-WANs are also driving the SD-WAN market growth.


The increasing number of mergers and acquisitions, increasing adoption of cloud and virtualization technology, and increase in managed service offerings are some of the key trends observed in the global SD-WAN market. Moreover, the global SD-WAN market is also witnessing the emergence of many new SD-WAN solution start-ups with their innovative and advanced offerings.

In addition, the increasing trend toward hybrid cloud connectivity is escalating the adoption of SD-WAN solutions, which cater to demand for agile, cost-effective and reliable IT environment from enterprises. The advanced software-defined solutions provide a mix of public internet and private circuits to provide organizations with more network uptime, cost reduction, secure connection from branch locations to applications in enterprise data center, and dynamic multi-path optimization for enterprise grade performance and scalability.

Growth Drivers

The global SD-WAN market is driven by factors such as rise of cloud computing, need for cost-effective network management, simplified network architecture, and increasing need for network security and visibility.

The growth of data-intensive applications with emergence of cloud technology is making SD-WAN technology a promising solution for geographically distant offices, which need reliable and faster bandwidth. The companies transitioning into cloud hosted, software as a service (SaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) applications, have started focusing on new WAN solutions to increase productivity and business execution.


While availability and maintenance of bandwidth is costly, SD-WAN market witnesses growth opportunities in terms of providing low cost bandwidth expansion solutions. SD-WAN solution provides businesses with independence and flexibility of transport by aggregating all available bandwidth, and maximizing its usage while ensuring high network performance, manageability and reliability. Since, all data transport options are not equal and incur the same cost, due to virtualization of WAN, any transport protocol can be rendered to combine the available transport options, such as 3G, and 4G LTE.

Competitive Landscape

The intensity of rivalry in the global SD-WAN market is high. The increasing number of players entering the market makes the competition tough. Some of the key players in the global SD-WAN market are Citrix Systems, Inc., Silver Peak Inc., Cloudgenix, Inc., Ecessa Corporation, Viptela, Riverbed Technology, Inc., Mushroom Networks, Inc., VeloCloud Networks, and Glue Networks.

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