Closed Loop Stepper Motor Market

Global Closed Loop Stepper Motor Market Size, Share, Development, Growth and Demand Forecast to 2023 - Industry Insights by Type (Permanent Magnet, Hybrid, and Variable Reluctance), by End-User (Industrial Machineries, Medical Equipment, Packaging and Labelling, Semiconductor and others)

Published: May 2017
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Market Overview

The global closed loop stepper motor market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 6.3% during 2017 - 2023. Traditional stepper motors are considered as open-loop steppers, owing to the absence of a feedback mechanism. These systems do not have the capability to corroborate that the target position has been achieved. Unlike traditional steppers, closed loop systems, with inherent encoders constantly communicate back to the controller and also make the required adjustments to achieve the target position.

Market Dynamics

Global closed loop stepper motor market is expected to show steady growth through 2023. Major factors propelling the growth of the global closed loop stepper motor market include rapid growth in automation, standardization of energy efficiency, integration of motion control components and low pricing as compared to servo motors. However, it is difficult to operate closed loop stepper systems at higher speed, which is a major factor restraining the growth of its market across the globe.

The major trends observed in the global closed loop stepper motor market include imposition of regulations on energy efficiency and evolution of micro-stepping technology. These energy regulations have majorly been formulated by global warming and for raising ecological environments, globally. Moreover, the evolution of industry 4.0 is expected to offer enormous opportunities, facilitating growth in the global closed loop stepper motor market.


A major trend observed in closed loop stepper motors is the integration of wireless communication technology. Wireless technology is a portion of automation that has been cultivated over the last decade. Although it was not contemplated convenient for control initially, wireless technology has briskly emerged from sensor-only applications to closed-loop control.

Closed loop steppers can exhibit mechanical resonances at higher speed and at certain step rates, consequently, they can lose torque and synchronization. Evolution of micro-stepping technique has been observed as another major trend in the global closed loop stepper motor market. Micro-stepping technique helps the motor to operate smoothly, as well as to overcome several cogging and resonance related issues. This technique offers low cost privilege to closed loop steppers in order to improve their performance.

Growth Drivers

Closed loop stepper motors are widely used in several aspects, for the purpose of providing automation. Packaging and labelling, industrial machineries, medical equipment and semiconductors are some of the major end-users of closed loop stepper systems. Technology advancement and brisk growth in automation are likely to propel the global closed loop stepper motor market growth, over next few years. Moreover, internet of things (IoT), engineering services and system integration are likely to accompany expansion of automation into other markets as well. The global closed loop stepper motor market is expected to register a steady growth owing to the evolution of fourth industrial revolution (also termed as industry 4.0) and the surge in demand of automation.

Global warming, surging energy costs and booming eco-friendly alertness have led to the standardization of energy efficiency, owing to which governments and manufacturing companies are keeping energy efficient manufacturing on the top of their agenda and are looking for the most adequate measures to raise energy efficiency levels in all the processes. For example, in 2014, American National Standard Institute (ANSI) Energy Efficiency Standardization Coordination Collaborative (EESCC) published a set of decisive instructions portraying the standards and obedience assessment curriculum required to enable a more energy efficient environment.


Industrial revolution 4.0 is expected to create ample opportunities for the closed loop stepper motor market. Industry 4.0 is likely to bring computers and automation together to revolutionize industry production. Various end-users including industrial machineries, medical equipment, packaging and labelling, robotics, textile, factories and semiconductors are utilizing closed loop steppers for various purposes. Emergence of industry 4.0 is expected to generate higher demand for closed loop steppers.

The evolution of industry 4.0 is expected to escalate the adoption of robotics to clinch quality production and meet market demand across the globe. The application of industrial robots is likely to escalate exponentially over the next few years as their use leads to cost diminution, error minimization and enhanced production. Closed loop stepper motors find their application in robotics for applications such as positioning control, arm up and down. The increase in adoption of robotics will therefore create positive outlook for the global closed loop stepper motor market.


Closed loop stepper motors offer unique capabilities as compared to the other motor designs. However, they are not imperatively the ideal preference for every application. Some of the disadvantages associated with these steppers include loss of synchronization while operating at higher speeds, owing to the reoccurrence of mechanical or electrical issues on a regular basis. These steppers may require a feedback sensor to identify stall-and-stop conditions. Moreover, they tend to chatter and vibrate, as a sort of cogging action. These factors are likely to restrain the growth of global closed loop stepper motor market.

However, emergence of new techniques such as micro-stepping and integration of wireless technologies in closed loop systems are helping these systems to offer enhanced and cost-effective performance.

Competitive Landscape

Some of the major companies operating in the global closed loop stepper motor market include Nippon Pulse Motor Co. Ltd., Schneider Electric SE, ABB Ltd., Applied Motion Products Inc., Delta Electronics Inc., Sanyo Denki Co. Ltd., National Instruments Corporation, Nidec Corporation, Lin Engineering LLC, Faulhaber Group and Oriental Motor Co.

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