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Image Sensors Market Forecasted to Reach $16.1 billion By 2020

June 2015

Image sensors market is set to hit $16.1 billion by 2020, according to new market research report published by P&S Market Research

Asia-Pacific is likely to rule image sensors market outperforming the incomes of North America in the forecast period. The worldwide image sensors market is driven by the expanding utilization of image sensors in biometric applications. This market is likely to witness huge development in mobile phone application amid the gauge time frame, affected to a great extent by expanding market of smartphone, smart wearable devices and handheld personal computers.

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Continued evolution of CMOS image sensors

Consistent advancements and upgrades in CMOS imaging technology design and creation had defeated numerous customary traditional practical execution issues for the designers. CMOS imaging technology designers are conveying items with execution that is really convincing for machine vision applications. With the advancement in pixel structures, (for example, global shutter pixels), the trade-off between image and speed quality of CMOS image sensors has been limited, which was a major issue in fast applications previously. With these ceaseless advancements, CMOS imaging innovation and its use has expanded over CCD innovation in the machine vision industry.

Rising interest for camera empowered mobile phones driving the industry growth

The image sensors market is encountering a steady development, driven by the ascent in trade of camera empowered mobile phones. Mobile software patterns and increment in service growth connectivity have produced huge interest for camera empowered mobile phones. The migration from second generation to third and fourth generation technologies in the rising markets, for example, China, along with raising blend of low-end smart phones versus feature phones, is required to enhance the image sensor industry development in coming years.

Increased use of optical molecular imaging techniques in healthcare

Optical molecular imaging is silent as far as frameworks and imaging operators, so it can be effortlessly adjusted for clinical use in all ranges where they are today being used for therapeutic research, for example, oncology, neurology and cardiology. Analysts and medicinal experts are joining optical molecular imaging with different modalities to improve the productivity of overall technique. Optical molecular imaging is required to be utilized for in-vitro and in-vivo applications as a vital instrument for medicinal research and to help assist drug disclosure in future. Looking two to four years ahead, it is normal that optical molecular imaging will be utilized for human preclinical and clinical trials, picking up its significance in clinical use.

The intensity of rivalry is medium to high

The general intensity of rivalry for image sensors market is medium to high. As there are number of manufacturers that deliver image sensors, it brings about high intensity of rivalry. This market is expected to develop with a lucrative CAGR of 8.8% during the forecast period, prompting high intensity of rivalry. Most of the image sensors organizations are multinational, which additionally builds the intensity of rivalry in this market.