Smart Teaching and Learning Market

Global Smart Teaching and Learning Market Size, Share, Development, Growth and Demand Forecast to 2022 - Industry Insights by Product (Hardware, Software, Services, and Education Content), by User Type (Academics and Corporate), by Learning Mode (Blended, Adaptive, Virtual Instructor Led Training, Collaborative, and Simulation-Based)

Published: February 2017
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Market Overview

Smart teaching and learning refers to the digitization of education by integrating technology into the learning and teaching process. Smart teaching and learning products include hardware, software, services and education content. Learning mode describes the atmosphere in which learners learn. Learning modes of smart teaching and learning include blended, adaptive, virtual instructor led training (vILT), collaborative and simulation based. Moreover, in smart teaching and learning environment, education content is available in the form of text, audio and video, which renders flexibility of learning to educators and learners.

With increasing demand of learning analytics solutions such as student management system, reference management system, library management system, learning content management system and academic and corporate have become more familiar with the advantages of smart teaching and learning tools. The key purpose behind adoption of smart teaching and learning products by academic sector and corporates is to improve education and learning outcomes. High cost of implementation is the key challenge observed by small and medium enterprises.

Market Dynamics

The global smart teaching and learning market is expected to witness a CAGR of 23.5% during the forecast period, to reach $819.0 billion by 2022. The organizations are rapidly adopting smart teaching and learning products, regardless of the company size, to provide effective and interactive learning to their employees. Smart teaching and learning products and techniques offer numerous benefits including flexibility of learning, enhanced teaching or learning experience, feasibility to interact and share, access to online information and tools along with various other benefits, which are expected to bolster growth in the global smart teaching and learning market. Moreover, government initiatives being taken for the digitization of education are also spurring growth in the smart teaching and learning market, globally.





The key trends observed in the global smart teaching and learning market are the increasing adoption of smart teaching and learning tools in academic sector. It has been observed that large number of organizations and corporates are choosing smart teaching and learning solutions over the traditional learning tools, regardless of the organization’s size. Since class-based training is more extortionate, proportionately, for small and medium scale organizations, these organizations are increasingly adopting smart learning as an advantageous and cost-effective solution. It has resulted in increased use of smart learning tools by both large and small companies. SaaS/Cloud based smart teaching and learning solutions are particularly suitable for SMEs as well as large institutions.

Growth Drivers

The factors driving the growth of the smart teaching and learning market include the escalating need for learning analytics applications as data collection and analysis tools in academic sector and corporate sector. Analytical applications help in acquiring prognostication about learning outcomes, restructuring, and escalation of resources to strengthen the participation of all stakeholders in the learning process, consolidating processes and accomplishing the embossed educational objectives. Learning analytics, the growing exteriorization of learning activity, is driven by the added-on attention on online learning.

With the surge in number of virtual schools, education system in Asia-Pacific has become more efficient and learner-friendly. Full-time virtual schools fetch learners and educators from distinct regions onto a single platform and reinforce their learning and teaching experience through audio, video, interactive, and real-time sessions. Increasing use of virtual classrooms and smart education software is one of the major factors propelling the growth of smart education industry.

Initial development cost of traditional education is lower than that of e-Learning. On the other hand, once developed, the smart learning course does not incite any further cost. The traditional course, however, holds variable costs including the cost of trainer. Additional cost of smart learning is less than the additional cost of continuing face-to-face training.

In corporate sector, general budget restraints appear to be the key factors of the shift towards using smart learning tools. Smart learning products help to reduce travel cost, training cost per employee and also tackle time constraints.

Competitive Landscape

The global smart teaching and learning comprises software, hardware, services and educational content vendors. Major players offering software products for smart teaching and learning market include Adobe Systems, Desire 2 Learn and Educomp Solutions. While hardware providers include Samsung Electronics and Smart Technologies. Services of smart teaching and learning solutions are being offered by Cisco Systems, Smart Technologies and Samsung Electronics, and education content providers include Mc-Graw Hill Corporation and Pearson, PLC.

Scope for Customization

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