P&S Market Research Announces Corporate Name Change to Prescient & Strategic Intelligence

  • Published: February 2019

P&S Market Research Announces Corporate Name Change to Prescient & Strategic Intelligence

The new name emphasizes the company’s stronger commitment to market research and new approach to offering business solutions that are marked by astuteness and strategic intelligence

Noida, February 1, 2019: P&S Market Research Pvt. Ltd. announced today that the company has changed its name to Prescient & Strategic Intelligence Pvt. Ltd., effective January 21, 2019. The company’s move can be viewed as a part of its rebranding strategy to reverberate its new outlook toward market intelligence that is not only knowledge-driven but also reflective of its discerning approach to market analytics and consultancy. The company, which has been serving its clients with market intelligence solutions for years, believes this will mark a new chapter in its growth and enable it to deliver services with a new identity that reflects its core values.

Over the years, the company has built for itself a strong reputation in the market research field and, therefore, views its rebranding decision as a prudent step toward leveraging business potential and increasing its services in the space. “We believe it is imperative for businesses today to keep themselves abreast of market developments if they aspire to stay ahead of the curve. Precisely targeting this, we aim to help our clients, from different industries across the world, achieve their organizational growth objectives with our astute market intelligence and consulting solutions, and this decision of evolving our brand identity has solidified our commitment toward this,” said Kumar Achhitanand, MD and CEO, Prescient & Strategic Intelligence.

With the vision to become the most trusted name in market intelligence, the company will continue offering quality solutions to help its clients pave their path to success with market knowledge that inspires strategy. In this regard, the company’s new name embodies the ideology of the company and marks a strategic pivot in its future direction and growth as a market intelligence provider.

About Prescient & Strategic Intelligence

Prescient & Strategic Intelligence was born out of the idea of helping businesses achieve breakthroughs through intelligent decision making, underpinned by a thorough understanding of industry dynamics. As a market intelligence and consulting firm, it strives to provide its clients with first-string market insights to facilitate intelligent decision making.