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Global Web Content Management Market Size, Share, Development, Growth and Demand Forecast to 2022 - Industry Insights by Solution (Digital Marketing Management, Mobile & Social Content Management, Web Experience Management, DAM Integration, Web Creation and Editing Tools, Content Analytics and Others), by Service (Training, Support & Consulting Services and Implementation Services), by Deployment Type (Cloud and On-Premises), by User Type (Large Enterprises and SMEs), by Industry (Media & Entertainment, Retail, Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, BFSI, Government and Others)

Published: March 2017
Report Code: IM10216
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Market Overview

Web content management (WCM) refers to the software system, comprising a set of tools that provide organizations with a way to manage digital information on website. Web content management system has become crucial for the growth of a business organization as content marketing has evolved as a pivotal element in developing digital marketing campaigns. A WCM system provides large enterprises and small & medium enterprises with a central interface that facilitates easy editing and addition of different media before the content is finally published. It offers flexibility and easy customization to the business organizations to frame the content. A WCM system can be deployed based on cloud or on-premises, where cloud-based platform does not provide customization options to organizations. An on-premises solution provides business enterprises with an option to manage content, data security and flexibility. Web content management system enables the business enterprises to expand its global client base by enabling multilingual marketing materials, while protecting their brand image.

With an increasing number of people consuming web content from a variety of sources, such as through social media, blogs and discussion forums, users have become more familiar with informal content style. They interpret and connect well with a two-way dialogue, rather than providing one-way voice of sales and marketing. The challenges faced by the organizations are not limited to publishing contents that adhere to brand guidelines, corporate governance, licensing and accessibility standards, but are also about providing relevant content in an appropriate style to the consumers. Business organizations are providing content to customers in such a manner that it is appropriate and easy to understand by the users. Business organizations are ensuring that the content acknowledges the preference of visitors, in order to connect with them and provide them greater value. The increasing need for content management is expected to boost the global web content management market growth.

The key purpose of companies to adopt web content management system is customer engagement. Customer engagement is the key challenge observed by any business enterprise, especially with rapid evolution in the digital world. Due to increasing use of mobile devices by customers for shopping, opening bank accounts and renewal of a subscription, business enterprises need to create a compelling presence to keep their customers engaged with the relevant personalized content.



Web Content Management Market

Market Dynamics

The global web content management market is expected to witness a CAGR of 14.2% during the forecast period, to reach $9,362.3 million by 2022. Large, medium and small enterprises are adopting WCM system since it helps them to author and publish web content in a timely manner, with easy to use authoring tools and integrated workflows with minimal IT environment. The substantial increase in the demand for digital marketing solutions in media & entertainment industry has influenced the vendors to provide various web content management solutions such as web analytics and social media integration. Large business enterprises and small & medium enterprises are taking into consideration customer experience management to integrate their multi-faceted websites and demand web content management solutions to supplement their multi-channel marketing and digital marketing.


The key trend observed in the global web content management market is the increasing influence of marketing. Web content management market entirely revolves around marketing. Business organizations are observed to be the focus of CMS functionality and positioning. The major content management system providers offer features such as content categorization, version control, replication features and robust data repositories. The content management industry is less about organization and creation of content, and more about the type of content to be created, the profile of its creator and identification of most valuable resources.

Marketers are increasingly demanding for tools, which could enable them to fetch data of audience visiting their sites, and could help them target their web content at those visitors. To survive in a highly competitive market and to attract more visitors to view their website, marketers are increasingly focusing on the content of their website to get easily recognized, and thus, are providing targeted and personalized digital experiences. The content management system provides features such as social media integration, robust analytics, and content personification that enable various organizations to differentiate themselves from one another. The content management system providers will continue to focus on offering website platforms to business enterprises to help them execute appealing digital marketing strategies in the growing digital world.

Growth Drivers

The factors driving the growth of the global web content management market are increasing demand for digital marketing solutions. The web content management market is in its developing stage and is expected to grow rapidly during the forecast period, due to innovation and enhancement in technology. Huge adoption of innovative technologies by business enterprises, such as marketing analytics, automation, content creation, A/B testing and personalization, has enhanced the need for web content management among various small and medium businesses (SMBs), and business organizations.

Moreover, it has been observed that substantial increase in the demand for digital marketing solutions has influenced vendors to provide various web content management solutions, such as web analytics and social media integration. Business organizations considering customer experience management to integrate their multi-faceted websites and demand web content management solutions to supplement their multi-channel marketing and digital marketing.

Competitive Landscape

The global web content management market reported a consolidated structure in 2015, where the top three competitors accounted for the major share of the market. Some of the key players in the global market include Oracle Corporation, Open Text Corporation, Adobe Systems Inc., IBM Corporation, SDL Plc, Microsoft Corporation, Sitecore Corporation, Aquia Inc., Episerver Inc., and EMC Corporation.

Scope for Customization

P&S Market Research offers customization as per specific business requirements of clients. Illustrative customization within the scope of this report includes:

  • Period of Analysis – Increase in the study period, including historic and forecast years
  • Geographical Analysis – Increase in country coverage
  • Segment Analysis – More granular coverage related to:
    • Region level market breakdown by solution
    • Industry segmentation - “Others” can be further broken down into different industries
  • Company Profiles – Wider company coverage in terms of detailed analysis or additional company profiles
  • New custom report – A completely customized report can be provided on the market, specific to a region/ country/ segment

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