Uveitis Treatment Market

Global Uveitis Treatment Market Size, Share, Development, Growth and Demand Forecast to 2023

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Globally, North America is the largest, while Asia-Pacific is the fastest growing uveitis treatment market. The uveitis treatment market is witnessing significant growth, due to increasing prevalence of uveitis and related complications. The global uveitis treatment market currently has many technologically innovative products in the pipeline, which are expected to improve efficiency and safety profiles in the clinical trial stage of development, thereby reducing the progression of disease considerably.

Uveitis is an inflammation of middle layer of an eye (the uvea), also known as the uceal tract. The uvea consists of the iris, choroid and ciliary body. Auto-immune disorders, infections, injuries, inflammatory disorders, and surgeries are some common causes of uveitis. Common symptoms related to uveitis include eye pain, eye floaters, blurred vision, increased sensitivity to light and redness of the eye.

The global uveitis treatment market can be classified as per the type of uveitis, treatment, and geography. On the basis of the type of uveitis, the global uveitis treatment market can be divided into posterior uveitis, anterior uveitis, intermediate uveitis and panuveitis. Based on treatment, the global uveitis market can be further segmented into antibiotic/antiviral medication, anti-inflammatory medication, and immunosuppressive medications.

Anterior uveitis represents the largest growing segment of global uveitis treatment market, as per the type of uveitis. Anterior uveitis refers to redness in the middle layer of an eye, which contains ciliary body and iris. Anterior uveitis might be chronic or acute in nature. Anterior uveitis is caused primarily due to fungal, bacterial or viral infections and auto-immune disorders. The treatment for uveitis is primarily based on steroids and immunosuppressants. The global uveitis treatment market is currently dominated by uveitis treatment through corticosteroid (steroid medication) as well as off-label immuno-suppressive and biologic drugs.

The global uveitis treatment market is witnessing substantial growth due to increased aging population, growing prevalence of uveitis and related complications. Moreover, introduction of innovative biologics, fast-track approval of pipeline drugs, increasing research and development investments in drug discovery and development, rising government initiatives to minimize eye disorders are also driving the growth of the global uveitis treatment market. Introduction of new routes for drug administration that improves the efficiency of the drug is another significant driver for uveitis treatment market. With the advancement of molecular biology, some intravitreal implants and biologic agents are increasingly used for the treatment of uveitis. By the development of molecular biology, more therapeutic agents and approaches have been applied to control ocular inflammation caused by uveitis, which are expected to have a positive influence on the uveitis treatment market. The advancements anticipated from the uveitis treatment options currently in the pipeline are sparking out serious market growth.

However, the adverse effects related to uveitis treatment medication such as watery eyes, irritation and others are the factors which are expected to hinder growth of the global uveitis treatment market. Poor primary healthcare infrastructure, lack of awareness about eye disorders, and lack of health insurance in developing countries are also obstructing the uveitis treatment market.

Some of the major competitors in the global uveitis treatment market are XOMA, pSivida Corp., Novartis, Allergan India Private Limited, Enzo Biochem Inc., AbbVie Inc., Bausch & Lomb Incorporated, Ophthalix Inc., Santen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Topivert Ltd, HANALL and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


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