Mobile VPN Market

Global Mobile VPN Market Size, Share, Development, Growth and Demand Forecast to 2022 - Industry Insights by Industry (Telecommunications, Government, Healthcare, Utilities, Financial, Oil & Gas, Mining, Military, and Others), by Distribution Channel (Partners/Distributors, VARS, Direct Sales and Web)

Published: January 2017
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Category : IT Security

Market Overview

The global mobile VPN market has surged in the recent years, owing to its increasing adoption in several industries. A mobile VPN (Virtual Private Network) is specifically designed to provide an efficient work environment to people who are using mobile data as part of their job and require continuous access of data. It provides the same level of security as the traditional wired VPN solution, but it is developed to accept the challenges of wireless world. It provides the user with seamless roaming and session persistence to enable flexibility when they move out of coverage. When the wired VPN technology is combined with wireless devices, the users experience slower speeds, data loss and multiple log-in attempts. This happens either due to connectivity problem when the device is in roaming, or when it hibernates to save the battery power.

Mobile VPN Market


Traditional VPNs are designed for fixed networks characterized by high bandwidth and low delay and jitter, where data loss mainly occurs due to congestion. The advanced data compression technique provides improved performance in wireless networks with small bandwidth in comparison to the traditional VPN. Moreover, the mobile VPN requires smaller memory footprint and uses less processing power compared to the traditional VPN.

Business enterprises are using mobility to enhance both employees’ productivity and customers’ experience, by providing the best possible service with a quick resolution of issues. Mobility helps in reducing service costs by streamlining processes, eliminating redundant entry and minimizing errors.

Mobile VPN allows devices to work across a variety of public or private networks - wired or wireless. With the explosive growth of mobile devices and the increasingly stringent regulatory requirements faced by the organizations, the global mobile VPN market is gaining traction. The growing need for mobile and wireless devices has developed its demand among several sectors such as healthcare, utilities and banking sector.

Market Dynamics

The global mobile VPN market is expected to witness a CAGR of 21.1% during the forecast period, to reach $2,411.4 million by 2022. The growing demand for remote accessibility of data in business organizations is the key driver for the global mobile VPN market. Based on distribution channel, the partners/distributors segment is expected to be the largest segment of the global mobile VPN market during the forecast period. The telecommunications industry was the largest market for mobile VPN during 2012 – 2015, and it is estimated to be the largest market during the forecast period also.


The key trend observed in the mobile VPN market is the use of software in security solutions. The mobile security market is developing globally, owing to the increasing demand for smart devices and increased focus of business enterprises on mobility and mobile security solutions. Mobile VPN creates a reliable and consistent user experience when devices switch between networks and move out of coverage. Thus, vendors are aggressively investing in and working toward building cost-effective mobile security solutions. This helps end users to reduce their overall cost incurred due to mobile security solutions. Increase in investment by vendors in mobile security solutions is leading to increased demand for mobile security products and services.

Growth Drivers

The factors driving the growth of the mobile VPN market are growing need for remote accessibility in organizations and increasing number of cyber threats. Organizations these days require a simplified and centrally managed remote office, which could enable them to provide reliable and secure access of data at low costs to their employees. To save on operating costs and maintain a local presence, organizations employ remote workers to retain best talents for their work. The organizations need to keep themselves upgraded to ensure efficiency and enhanced productivity at the end of their employees. Mobile VPN is one of the suitable solutions for employees of different organizations, who need to access the organizational network from outside, using wireless devices.

The growth of an organization also elevates the chances of mobile device theft and loss, cyber-attacks across businesses and data breach. Due to rising intensity and volume of cyber-attacks, data security has become a major concern, and thus, the demand for this software is increasing.

Competitive Landscape

The global mobile VPN market reported a consolidated structure in 2015, where the top three competitors accounted for the major share. Some of the key players in the global mobile VPN market include NetMotion Wireless Inc., Cisco Systems Inc., IBM Corp., Smith Micro Software Inc., Columbitech, Radio IP Software Inc., Techstep Technology, and Checkpoint Software Technologies Inc., Anthasoft S.A. De C.V., and The Green Bow.

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