India Neem Extract Market by Segment (Seed Extract, Leaf Extract, Bark Extract), by Application (Agriculture, Health and Personal Care, Animal Products) – Market Size, Share, Development, Growth and Demand Forecast, 2014-2024

  • Publishing: May 2021
  • Report Code: CP11337
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India Neem Extract Market Overview

The Indian neem extract market will be observing a constant growth in the coming years, due to large neem production and rising attraction towards healthier and herbal goods in the country. Three broad application segments of the Indian neem extract market are animal products, health and personal care, and agriculture - where agriculture holds the largest market size. On the basis of product types, the neem extract market is categorized into leaf extract, bark extract and seed extract, where seed extract has been the largest revenue generator in recent years.  In India, Neem extract is used in three types of bio-pesticides: bio-herbicides, bio-insecticides, and bio-fungicides. Neem extracts are widely used as pesticides by households for gardening purpose.

India is a major neem extract market, where several ayurvedic companies including Dabur, Patanjali, Baidyanath and Zandu are the key users of neem extract. The consumption of fertilizer based neem extract products is the highest of the total consumption of neem extract in the agriculture sector of the market. In India, neem extract also find application as pesticide, where 300 parts per million (PPM) and 1,500 PPM are the preferred concentrations. The demand of neem extract for applications in personal care is higher than nutraceuticals.

India Neem Extract Market Dynamics

Market Trends

In India, neem extracts are highly produced and exported on account of medicinal benefits associated with them. This district contributes highest to the neem extract exports in India. Numerous mergers and acquisitions were seen in the recent past in the Indian neem extract market. In 2014, Alimtec S.A.,was acquired by E.I.D. Parry. Also, the India-based Plasma Neem was acquired by Terramerra, in the same year.

Growth Drivers

Due to rising awareness among people regarding the harmful effects of pesticide and fertilizer based neem extracts, the demand for bio-based pesticides and fertilizers has increased to a considerable amount. As neem is a major ingredient in most of the bio-based products, the demand of neem extracts is also escalating.The Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Limited (IFFCO) announced a scheme in 2016, under which, it planned to buy neem tree fruits from growers for increasing the production of bio based fertilizers, across the country. For this, IFFCO planted around 150,000 neem trees in the recent past. The growing demand for animal products has been creating shortage of animal feed in the global feed industry, which is leading to demand creation for an alternative feed. Neem extract is one of the most suited plant-based feed that is also beneficial in terms of productivity growth of animals. The increasing number of pet animals is another reason for the growing demand of neem extract products.

Market Opportunities

With a vast access to neem plantation in the country and rising public awareness regarding the advantages offered by neem extracts in livestock feeding and agriculture, India is expected to hold a substantial position in the neem extract market, in the medium and long terms.

Market Restraints

Although neem has been proved to have multiple benefits for human and animals, there is difference in opinion among Indian researchers on this topic, which is discouraging some people from extensive consumption of neem products. Certain studies show that consumption of neem leaf or neem bark based medicines may be harmful during pregnancy. This factor is hindering the growth of the neem extract market in India.

India Neem Extract Market Competitive Landscape

The major players operating in the Indian neem extract market include Patanjali, E.I.D. Parry (India) Limited, P.J. Margo Pvt. Ltd., Agro Extract Limited, Ozone Biotech Pvt. Ltd., GreeNeem Agri Private Limited, Fortune Biotech Ltd., The Indian Neem Tree Company, and Bros India Group.

The neem extract market is fragmented with very small-sized players who do not have a fixed channel for international sales, except online marketplace. The rejuvenation of ayurveda-based therapy owing to campaigns and advertisements by the domestic ayurvedic companies such as Patanjali (India), has increased the scope of neem extract in personal care domain. Some of the key importers from India are the U.S., Vietnam, North Korea, Spain, and Italy.

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