Frequency Synthesizer Market

Frequency Synthesizer Market Size, Share, Development, Growth & Demand Forecast to 2023 - Industry Insights by Type (Analog and Digital), by Component (Phase Detectors, Loop Filters, Oscillators, and Mixers), by Application (Telecommunications, Military & Aerospace, and Research & Measurement)

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Market Overview

A frequency synthesizer can be defined as an electronic circuit used for generating frequencies from a single fixed time base or oscillator. The device works by obtaining a base frequency from a crystal (master) oscillator, thereby achieving a desired frequency through the division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction of the base frequencies. It was with the introduction of radio frequency (RF) capable integrated circuits (ICs) that frequency synthesizer technology, using phase locked loops, became feasible and with their advantages, use of frequency synthesizers became widespread. These telecommunication devices are used for various applications in consumer electronics, defence and research, aerospace, security and cyberspace, and transportation sectors. The frequency synthesizer market thus forms a part of wide variety of industries that emphasize the nature of its ever-increasing market demand.

North America is expected to continue being the largest frequency synthesizers market, during the forecast period owing to the increasing demand for cable television (CATV) equipment in the region and further expansion and upgradation of telecommunication networks. In addition, frequency synthesizers market is expected to grow at a high rate in Asia-Pacific, on account of expansion of telecommunication networks to increase the mobile phone subscriber base in the region.

Market Dynamics

Digital tuning circuits are replacing their analog versions being used in electronic devices such as television, AM/FM radios and cellular devices. A frequency synthesizer enables flexible operation of high performance oscillators. As a consequence of its widespread application in telecommunication devices, a major surge in demand for frequency synthesizers in anticipated in the coming years.

With the advent of new telecommunication technologies, large scale upgradation of military & defence infrastructure is being carried out, as a result of which the market for frequency synthesizers is forecasted to further grow over next few years.


The scheduled transition from analog TV broadcasts to digital TV has also heightened the demand for frequency-synthesizers specifically designed for use in terrestrial digital broadcasting.

Analog type frequency synthesizers are expected to continue being the largest revenue generators, in the global frequency synthesizers market, owing to their ability to generate clean and stable output signals with extremely fast switching speed. The cost and performance level of frequency synthesizers have a direct impact on the prices and the functionality of the product in which it will be used. This is also reflected in the ongoing research and development process to improve the performance, decrease the cost and achieve frequency synthesizer implementations that are optimally tailored for each intended application.

Growth Drivers

The surge in smartphone sales, globally, is in turn propelling the demand for frequency synthesizers that are one of the components used in signal receivers in smartphone devices. Additionally, telecommunication carriers will need to upgrade their core connectivity infrastructure owing to the upcoming transition from the existing mobile networks to 5G technology. Moreover, use of small cells, along with measures such as network densification, installation of more fibre infrastructure, and improvement in spectrum efficiency will also drive the global frequency synthesizers market. RFID readers also make use of frequency synthesizers as one of the components. Augmented use of RFID readers in data collection applications at shops, is expected to further accelerate the growth in the market for frequency synthesizers.

With the increasing adoption of wireless technology, number of communication networks and devices has also multiplied, which has consequently led to the surge in use of frequency synthesizers. In military sector, direct-analog frequency synthesizers are used in a wide variety of applications including automatic test equipment (ATE), electronic-warfare (EW) simulators, radar, and radar-cross-section (RCS) measurements. Thereby, increased expenditure by governments in expansion and upgradation of military equipment also provides a boost to the frequency synthesizer market.

Market Opportunities

With evolution in technology, need to replace the existing systems has risen. U.S. Telecom operator AT&T Inc. has planned to provide standards based mobile 5G services to consumers from late 2018, marking a revolution in the field of communications and technology. This consequently would fuel the demand for frequency synthesizers in North America. With the establishment of 5G networks in North America, the other countries are likely to adopt the technological transition in the coming years, which would in turn provide a boost to the frequency synthesizer market.

Competitive Analysis

The key players operating in the frequency synthesizer market comprise major electronics components manufacturers such as Ultra Electronics, Texas Instruments Inc., Analog Devices Inc., National Instruments, Qorvo Inc., FEI-Elcom Tech Inc., EM Research Inc., Programmed Test Sources Inc., Synergy Microwave Corporation, Micro Lambda Wireless Inc., Pasternack Enterprises, Inc. and Sivers IMA AB.

These companies are focusing towards enhancement of their technologies to provide better performance and optimize implementations for newer technologies and emerging standards, in a bid to increase their share in the market. In  February 2017, Pasternack introduced a new line of USB-controlled phase locked loop (PLL) frequency synthesizers. In RF & Microwave communications systems, where signal integrity is of major importance. PLL synthesizers provide high levels of frequency stability and accuracy along with exceptional phase noise characteristics, thus allowing components in the signal chain to perform at their optimum levels.

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