Global Flash Memory Market Size, Share, Development, Growth and Demand Forecast to 2030

  • Publishing: July 2021
  • Report Code: SE10470
  • Available Format: PDF

The primary driving force behind the sustained rapid growth of the global flash memory market is their use in cell phones. In addition, the multifunction cellular phone is building demand for higher memory capacities. High data transfer rate, less usage of power, small size, light weight, less production of heat, and long life are some of the factors driving the global flash memory market. The storage industry has been dominated by traditional rotating disk technology based on magnetic storage. With the falling prices of flash memory and advances in semiconductor technology, the industry is replacing the hard disks with solid-state memory based on flash.

Flash memory is a non-volatile, electronic computer storage medium that can be erased electrically and re-programmed. It is used in universal serial bus (USB) drives, solid state drives (SSDs), computer random access memory (RAM), hybrid drives, handsets, digital camera, graphics cards, memory cards), and pagers. In addition to consumer devices, flash memory products with peripheral component interconnect express (PCIe) as well as the traditional serial advanced technology attachment (SATA) or statistical analysis system (SAS) interfaces are gaining popularity in enterprise applications. Some of the other applications of flash memory include personal computers, personal data assistants (PDAs), digital cameras, digital audio players, mobile phones, video games, synthesizers, scientific instrumentation, medical electronics, industrial robotics and others. The names of different types of flash memories have been derived on the basis of two logic gates, the NAND, and the NOR logic gate. NAND memory in smartphones slows down the performance of email loading, games, web browsing, and also social network sites such as Google and Facebook. The need to improve the NAND capacity in smartphones is expected to provide enormous growth opportunities to the global flash memory market in the future. Devices equipped with flash, retain data for a longer time whether the device is turned on or off.

An important factor responsible for the growth of flash memory is increasing use of smartphones and tablets and increasing dependency on on-line cloud services and applications using these mobile devices for everything including pictures, video archiving, games and video streaming.  In data centers, solid state drives (SSDs) and other flash memory products can provide consistent high level performance in terms of inputs/outputs as compared to hard disk drives. The rotating disk technology based on magnetic storage dominates the flash memory storage industry. The advancements in semiconductor technology (such as the rotating disc technology) and reducing prices of flash memory are also expected to give a major boost to the global flash memory market in the near future.

IM Flash, Macronix International Co., Ltd., SAMSUNG, Microchip Technology Inc., Toshiba Corporation, SanDisk Corporation, Renesas Electronics Corporation, Sharp Electronics Corporation, Spansion Inc., SK Hynix Inc. are some of the competitors of the global flash memory market. The market is characterized by intense competition. Increasing competition is expected to drive the flash memory market in the forecast period, as new manufacturers are continuously entering the market and existing manufacturers are introducing new products that meet the increasing demand for greater and efficient flash memory.

Global Flash Memory Market Segmentation

By Type

  • NAND flash memory
    •  Universal Serial Bus (USB) drives
    • Hard Disk Drives (HDDs)
    • Solid State Drives (SDDs)
  • NOR flash memory

By Application

  • Wireless Communication Devices
  • Networking Equipment
  • PC-Related Products

By Geography

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia -Pacific
  • ROW
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