Electric Dryer Market

Global Electric Dryer Market Size, Share, Development, Growth and Demand Forecast to 2023

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The global electric dryer market is growing, due to reduction in usage of oil and gasoline, increasing technological innovations, increase in the number of hotels and restaurants, and reduction in the wastage of water. The heat pump technology in dryers is one of the major trends observed in the global electric dryer market. The evolving infrastructure in developing and under-developed countries is one of the major factors, providing ample growth opportunities for the global electric dryer market in the coming years. Some of the factors restraining the growth of the global electric dryer market are high initial investment and threat from gas dryers.

An electric dryer uses hot air to dry clothes, and comprises a tumbling drum for doing this. The coiled wires are used to heat the air inside electric dryer, with the help of passing electric current through them. As the consumers are becoming more aware about the faster drying cycle of electric dryers, in comparison to open-air drying of clothes on clothes lines; the electric dryers have emerged as a major home appliance. The procedure of open-air drying of clothes is not successful during bad weather conditions; whereas, an electric dryer can be utilized even in such conditions. With the technological advancement, the new generation of electric dryers comprises advanced features, such as LED interfaces and moisture sensors.

The users can regulate the dryer cycle with the help of several features in the control settings provided in the electric dryer. The electric dryer manufacturers are aiming at enhancing the features, such as speed of drying, along with energy efficiency and noise emissions. For preventing wear and tear, some electric dryers are equipped with feature that uses steam to remove wrinkles and odors, and refresh outfits. With the introduction of eco-monitors on the LCD screens of the dryers, the users are now able to see the efficiency of the dryer.

Electric dryers are labeled with energy labels, ranging from A to G. In energy labels, G represents the lowest energy efficiency rate and A represents the highest energy efficiency rate. The high power consumption of electric dryers is one of the key restraints for the growth of the global electric dryer market. In order to eradicate this drawback, the electric dryer manufacturers have started focusing on technical developments for obtaining enhanced energy labels. The manufacturers have also started to improve the control systems of electric dryers.

Clothes dryers produce static grip, through the triboelectric influence. It is an indication of over-drying textiles to a very low humidity level. The dryer sheets and fabric conditioners are used to overcome such condition; however, it may increase health issues due to extended skin contact with the chemicals released by these products.

Some of the competitors in the global electric dryer market are General Electric Company, Crosslee PLC, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., Whirlpool Corporation, Robert Bosch GmbH, Electrolux AB, Indesit Company and LG Electronics Inc.


Global Electric Dryer Market Segmentation:

By Type

  • Spin Dryers
  • Condenser Dryers
  • Heat Pump Dryers
  • Mechanical Steam Compression Dryers
  • Solar Clothes Dryer

By End User

  • Hotels
  • Food Processing and Food Service
  • Office Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Malls
  • Railway Stations

By Geography

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia -Pacific
  • ROW

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