Americas Neem Extract Market by Segment (Seed Extract, Leaf Extract, Bark Extract), by Application (Agriculture, Health and Personal Care, Animal Products), by Geography (U.S., Canada, Brazil) – Market Size, Share, Development, Growth and Demand Forecast, 2014-2024

  • Publishing: May 2021
  • Report Code: CP11333
  • Available Format: PDF

Americas Neem Extract Market Overview

The largest use of neem extract in agriculture in Americas is in the form of bio pesticide and fertilizers, which contribute largest to the market. Vegetable farming accounts for the largest consumption of neem extract based bio pesticides in the U.S. Besides the U.S., neem extracts are used in Canada and other small countries such as Haiti, Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. Till 2012, one common application of neem extracts in Canada was leaf shine. After 2012, the Canadian government banned its use in gardening considering it as unsafe. The growing awareness about the benefits of neem is making the Americans eager to use its products on day-to-day basis. The application areas of neem extract market lie in agriculture, health and personal care, and animal products. Product types of neem extract market include seed extract, leaf extract and bark extract, where seed extract is the fastest growing neem extract market. Brazil has been emerging as a key revenue generator for the neem extract market, due to its increasing bio-based farming and investment plans for neem plantations. The country stands amongst the most attractive destinations for FDI in agriculture, with high expected returns due to several factors including buoyant economic progress, growing agricultural real estate market and ample water resources. All these factors are expected to help Brazil achieve the highest growth in the neem extract market.

Americas Neem Extract Market Dynamics

Americas Neem Extract Market Drivers

The popularity of neem extract based products has seen a rapid increase in the recent past due to the rising concern among people towards the harmful effects of chemical based cosmetics on hair, skin and other body parts. With the changing mindset of western population, people in general are turning towards neem based personal care products. A large range of neem based personal care products, including face cream, bathing soap, shampoos and face wash, are now being used in the Americas. Due to the snowballing demand for meat obtained from biologically grown animals, bio-based animal farming has increased considerably in the last few years. Neem seed cakes and leaves are extensively used for feeding animals as they contain amino acids, proteins, minerals and carotene. The increasing cost of chemicals along with their negative impact on human health, is expected to favor the growth of the American neem extract market.

Americas Neem Extract Market Restraints

The major factors restraining the growth of the American neem extract market, is the disagreement on the benefits of neem among some researchers. Certain studies show that the consumption of neem leaf or neem bark based medicine may be harmful during pregnancy. Some organizations state that neem extract based products may be toxic for patients having a history of kidney and liver diseases. However, neem extracts are considered as safe on plants by several regulatory authorities including the United States Department of Agriculture (U.S.D.A.). Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has considered neem as safe (GRAS) for food products. Another factor restraining the growth of the Americas neem extract market is that neem trees grow well in tropical regions, and do not flourish well in the American countries.

Americas Neem Extract Market Competitive Landscape

Some of the major players operating in the American neem extract market include Certis USA LLC, Terramera Inc., Groupo Ultraquimia, American Vanguard Corporation, Bayer AG, Fortune Biotech Ltd, and many other small players.

The market is highly fragmented and the number of players in the neem extract market is large. The high growth of industry is intensifying the competition among players. Moreover, the low switching cost of buyers increases the rivalry in the American market.

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