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Uveitis Therapeutics Pipeline to Witness Numerous Technological Advancements in the Coming Years

Published Date:   May 2017

According to a new research report “Uveitis Therapeutics Pipeline Analysis, 2017 - Clinical Trials & Results, Patent, Designation, Collaboration, and Other Developments” published by P&S Intelligence, Uveitis currently exhibits a pipeline with 33 drug candidates.

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Uveitis therapeutics pipeline in 2017

The study analyzed that the uveitis therapeutics pipeline comprises 33 drug candidates in different stages of development. Uveitis is a type of inflammatory disease that causes swelling and destroys eye tissues. Occurrence of this disease can result in slight reduction of vision or lead to complete vision loss. Uveitis occurs when the middle layer of the eyeball gets inflamed (red and swollen). This layer, known as the uvea, has many blood vessels that nourish the eye. Uveitis can damage vital eye tissue, even resulting in permanent vision loss.

Durasert technology platform for Uveitis drug development

pSivida Corp. is using durasert technology platform for the development of Medidur for the treatment of uveitis. This technology platform is used to provide sustained, localized delivery of drugs to the back of the eye. Durasert products are developed with a drug core surrounded with one or more polymer layers, the permeability of those layers and other aspects of the design of the product, controls the rate and duration of the drug release. However, changing the elements of the design, can help in altering both the rate and duration of release to meet different therapeutic needs. The later generation durasert products and product candidates are injected at the target site, while early generations were surgically implanted.

Various companies received grants for the development of Uveitis Therapeutics Pipeline

Many companies are involved in the development of drugs for the uveitis therapeutics pipeline, with their products in different phases.

Some of the key players developing drugs for the treatment of uveitis include Aldeyra Therapeutics, Inc., EyeGate Pharmaceuticals, Inc., pSivida Corp. and others.

Uveitis Therapeutics Pipeline Analysis

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