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Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) Therapeutics Pipeline to Witness an Increase in the Number of Patent Approvals

Published Date:   May 2018

AKI therapeutics currently exhibits a proliferating pipeline with approximately 40 drug candidates, according to P&S Intelligence

AKI Therapeutics Pipeline in 2018

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Acute kidney injury (AKI) or acute kidney failure is a condition characterized by minor or complete loss of kidney function due to a sudden injury to kidneys. AKI is different from chronic kidney disease, wherein the kidney function is lost over a period of time. The disease generally occurs as a complication of another serious disease and is more common in the geriatric population that suffers from various other diseases. The study analyzed that AKI therapeutics pipeline comprises approximately 40 drug candidates in different stages of development.

Apart from trials for drug-based therapeutics for AKI, the ongoing trials for various medical devices, minimally invasive therapy, regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, patient care technology around intensive care, monitoring, and various diagnostic tools for early diagnosis of AKI, are also covered in the report.

Insights on Pipeline Segments

According to the research findings, a majority of the drug candidates for the treatment of AKI are being developed to be administered by the intravenous route. It has been observed that the drugs which are being administered through intravenous route have high efficacy because of their higher bioavailability.

AKI Therapeutics Pipeline has been Witnessing Significant Growth due to Increasing Research Funding

Various health organizations such as National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases and Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) are strengthening the growth of AKI therapeutics pipeline. For instance, TheraSource LLC received a funding of $335,318 from SBIR for its research project aimed at demonstrating the feasibility of developing recombinant human milk fat globule epidermal growth factor rhMFG E, as a novel and effective therapeutic for treating patients suffering with AKI, associated with ischemia due to low renal perfusion.

Increase in Patents Approval for AKI therapeutics Candidates

There has been an increase in the number of patents approved for the development of drug candidates for the treatment of AKI. For instance, in October 2016, the USPTO issued U.S. Patent 9,464,114 to Arch BioPartners, entitled, “Peptides that Block Leukocyte Recruitment and Methods of Use”. This was the first patent issued protecting the composition and method of use for Metablok.

AKI Therapeutics Pipeline Marked by Various Technological Advancements

Most of the companies are developing innovative technologies for the synthesis or production of drug candidates for the treatment of AKI. For instance, Quark Pharmaceuticals Inc. is using an innovative technology platform for generation of chemically modified siRNA compounds and their delivery to the desired organs. These are particularly well-suited to exploit the potential of siRNA for therapeutic applications. Also, Silver Creek Pharmaceuticals Inc. is using smart growth factor technology platform for the development of growth factors that play an important role in development, maintenance of tissue homeostasis, and pathology of many disease states.

Some of the key players involved in the development of AKI therapeutics include Alloksys Life Sciences B.V., Stealth BioTherapeutics Inc., and Angion Biomedica Corp.

AKI Therapeutics Pipeline Analysis

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