Acute Kidney Injury Therapeutic - Pipeline Analysis 2018

Acute Kidney Injury Therapeutic - Pipeline Analysis 2018, Clinical Trials & Results, Patent, Designation, Collaboration, and Other Developments

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Acute kidney injury therapeutic pipeline is likely to grow on account of increasing incidence of diabetes and high blood pressure, in people, resulting in increasing prevalence of acute kidney injury, globally. Low market penetration, due to presence of limited number of companies making an analog and increasing health awareness among people are few other factors contributing to the growth of acute kidney injury therapeutic pipeline. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, women (15.93%) are more likely to have stages 1 to 4 of acute kidney injury than men (13.52%). It is also more common among African Americans (17.01%) and Mexican Americans (15.29%) than in Caucasians (13.99%).

Acute kidney injury is a serious condition which includes kidney damage or failure. This results in building up of waste products in blood, due to which the balance of fluids in the body gets disturbed, in turn affecting several other organs including heart, lungs and brain. Acute kidney injury is caused due to the slow flow of blood due to conditions such as low blood pressure, allergic reactions, organ failure, heart diseases, blood loss and overuse of medicines. Sepsis, cancer, vasculitis, interstitial nephritis, scleroderma and glomerulonephritis cause direct damage to kidney which can also result in the development of acute kidney injury. Blockage of urinary tract due to several conditions such as kidney stones or blood clots in the tract can also result in acute kidney failure. The most common signs and symptoms of acute kidney injury include nausea, shortness of breath, swelling in legs and around eyes, less urination, fatigue and chest pain. Acute kidney injury is diagnosed by measuring the urine output, measuring glomerular filtration rate, blood tests, urine tests, imaging tests and kidney biopsy. Acute kidney injury is treated by treating the root cause of the disease in an individual. Severe cases require dialysis to improve kidney function until the kidneys do not recover or are transplanted.

Many companies are developing drugs for acute kidney injury, which have shown promising result in clinical trials. Baxter Healthcare Corporation is developing a drug - Prismocitrate 18, for the improvement of acute kidney injury. Angion Biomedica Corp. is currently developing BB3, which is in Phase II clinical trials. BB3 is a small molecule which effectively stimulates hepatocyte growth factor. It has also received orphan drug designation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of renal failure. AM-Pharma BV is developing Recombinant Alkaline Phosphatase or recap, to be used in the treatment of acute kidney injury. It is currently in Phase II stage of development and acts as an endotoxin inhibitor. Sentien Biotechnologies, Inc. is developing SBI-101, which is in Phase I/II clinical trials, and is an immunosuppressant.

Some of the leading companies having a pipeline of acute kidney injury therapeutics include Baxter Healthcare Corporation, Angion Biomedica Corp., AM-Pharma BV, Sentien Biotechnologies, Inc., F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd., Evotec AG, NephroGenex, Inc., G1 Therapeutics, Inc., Alloksys Life Sciences BV, DiaMedica Therapeutics, Inc.

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