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Life at P&S Intelligence



Learning & Development Opportunities

P&S Intelligence pursues a holistic approach toward learning in a professional environment, based on the fundamental that a company's growth is directly proportional to the growth of its employees. Thus, we provide ample learning opportunities to our employees to further their professional development.

Convenient Work Location

Our office is located in close proximity to the metro station, for the easy commute of our staff. Also, since we are situated in the middle of a busy office space in Noida, the day-to-day needs of the employees are well taken care of.

Flexible Working Hours

Employees can shorten or lengthen their regular working hours, in tandem with the "allowed for" window of flexibility in the work shift.

Infrastructure & Facilities

We make no compromise when it comes to infrastructure. We house all modern amenities to provide a comfortable working environment to our employees to ensure employee satisfaction.

Diversity, Equality, & Empowerment

The three of the most profound cornerstones of our policy are diversity, equality, and empowerment. We advocate gender equality and follow the practice of equal and fair sharing of information, reward, and power with our employees, who hail from different walks of life, so they feel committed to serve the company and deliver their best performance.

Employees Training & Development

At P&S Intelligence, we help employees develop a passion for learning and a hunger for knowledge, so they never cease to grow professionally. We perceive training and development as essential ingredients to the recipe of self-learning and goal accomplishment. These programs not only facilitate better understanding of the job and organizational objectives, but also provide a platform to employees to enhance their capabilities and acquire new skills during their stint in the company. Besides, these programs lend a platform to employees to bring forth their ideas on work improvement and address potential challenges at work.

At P&S Intelligence, we ensure the continuous development of our employees through the following training and development programs:

Induction - We officially welcome our new employees on board through induction on their first day at work. Induction helps in acquainting and familiarizing the employees with the work culture and rules of the organization. Our induction program is short, crisp, and informative, and reflects the behavioral and professional ideals we hold and expect from the new employees.

Refresher Training - We organize refresher training, from time to time, for the existing employees to help them acquire new skills, adapt to the changing professional environment, and prepare for bigger responsibilities.

On the Job Training - On-the-job training is given to new and existing employees of the company by their superiors. Managers sit with their team members on a regular basis and train them on the better execution of their tasks and responsibilities.

Understudy Training - We allow employees to work directly with the senior members of their team. This facilitates easier transition of responsibilities and designations at the time of change in the senior management. It also makes new managers more confident in taking over new responsibilities, as they get acquainted with their roles and the conduct expected of them.


Fun At Work

We don't let this sound an oxymoron because we build our organizational model around happiness, happiness of the people who make us, for we believe it can only be achieved by embracing diversity, getting inspired, and maintaining social integrity in the professional pursuit

P&S Infrastructure

The office is located in close proximity to the metro station and is easily commutable. The Company houses all the modern and necessary amenities and facilities to provide a comfortable working environment to employees.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Responsible behavior and ethics is the formidable pillar that holds together all our business activities. We take extra care to measure the social, economical and environmental impact of all our actions, and ensure that they meet the prevailing and relevant laws and regulations.